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The Life Catalyst

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Thanks for visiting me online. Helping you realize your dreams and accomplish your goals is absolutely important to me. I have helped thousands of people discover how they can live a life of no regrets and realize their greatest dreams. In fact, that is my mission in life. It would be my honor to serve your organization through my keynote “If Only…” or one of my workshops. I hope you find this website both uplifting and insightful, and I look forward to meeting you soon.

Dream Big!!!


Learning From Problems

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Have you noticed life is full of problems? One of the ways God teaches us to depend on Him is to experience problems and learn from them.

5 Ways to Learn from Problems:

1. Embrace problems as opportunities to improve. I often tell my grown children that pain is a great teacher. Normally our first reaction to a problem is to become negative. Stop right there! Embrace adversity as an opportunity to get better. See setbacks as stepping stones.

2. Keep perspective. Many years ago my Cindy received a diagnosis of cardiomyopathy. The doctor went on to explain that she would need a heart transplant or she would die. Thankfully she was misdiagnosed. However, those few weeks of thinking she could die changed my perspective. All the problems I had up until that moment seemed no longer important. God reminds me of that situation to keep perspective on problems. A couple of questions to ask:

  • How could this have been worse?
  • Will this still be a problem a year from now?

3. Remain proactive. Remember every problem has a solution or it is a fact. Do not give up. Search out solutions and pray God gives you wisdom.

4. Use self-management when times are bad. When faced with great problems, most people quit doing the things that help them get through it.

  • They quit having time with God
  • Stop exercising
  • Stop eating healthy

Remember, proper self-management is even more critical in times of crisis.

5. Resolve to win. Yes sometimes you need to “man up.” I am not saying do it in your own strength, because we always need God’s strength. I am saying in the darkest of times we need to exercise our faith and trust!

These five ways to learn from problems have helped me through the years and I pray God will use them in your life.