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Excellent Leaders

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Who are excellent leaders?

•They know what they are doing and communicate what they are doing.

•They catalyze rather than control the work of their teams.

•They have an overarching vision for the team but are not autocratic in the realization of this vision.

•Their eyes are open to whatever results occur—not just planned goals; they understand God is the Great Innovator.

•They care more about what God thinks of them than what the world thinks.

How is your leadership? Are you on your way to becoming an excellent leader?

7 Problems That Lead To Failure In Any Organization

Posted Posted by jenny on November 10th, 2011 in Articles     Comments No comments
Adapted from the book Nothing but Net by William “Basketball Bill” Chaffin

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 There are many reasons organizations fail. As you read the following list, consider any problems you may be experiencing in your ministry or organization. Choose to make corrections instead of facing failures in the future.



1.    A runaway ego puts you on a collision course with disaster.

2.   Thinking you have all the answers is always a false estimate of your capability.

3.   Having no experience or knowledge of the task at hand is a serious deficit.

4.   Greed and power without accountability corrupt.

5.   Being cocky and arrogant blinds you to problems.

6.   Being full of excuses when things don’t go right keeps you from solving problems.

7.   All of the above lead to defective decision making.


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