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Avoid Death Magnets Part 4

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Here are more common death magnets in the church today:

7.  Monkey See What Gorilla Do

It happens all the time. Smaller church (monkey) learns something about new bigger church (gorilla) is doing and… We all know the rest of the story. I am all about learning, improving, and growing, but be careful about copying a “program” that you see the big church doing. It has been a death magnet for many churches.

8.  No Clear Vision

If a church lacks clarity about its vision it is heading straight into a death magnet. Do not go another day without getting with God and hearing from Him. It is disastrous not to have a vision from God. Once you understand the vision, go to great lengths to communicate simply and often.

9.  We Are Good Enough to Pull This Off

A little reality—no you are not! Neither you nor I can do anything of spiritual significance without the power of God. Thinking you are good enough is a death magnet. I learned years ago my very best is not good enough. Through prayer we receive God’s power to accomplish great things for His glory.

Avoiding Death Magnets Part 3

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Here are more common death magnets in the church today:

4.  The Kiss of Yes

Most churches operate with a “the more activities we have the more successful we are” mind-set. This is the “Kiss of Yes” death magnet. Church busyness is no doubt one of the greatest hindrances to healthy church growth. Unfortunately I have had pastors tell me we are too busy to do evangelism.

5.  Gravitating Toward the Insiders

Every organization gravitates toward the insiders, especially the church. It is definitely a death magnet. The leadership of the church must resist the gravitation pull from the death magnet and turn toward the outsider. They must ask the hard questions such as, “How is this activity helping us reach lost people for Christ?”

6.  We Have to Work all the Time

Most church staffs function in burn-out mode and live an unsustainable life. It is because we equate busyness with effectiveness. People in the church will let you work yourselves to death and applaud you for it. Many pastors convince themselves they are a hero for working so long and hard.

More in Part 4!

Avoiding Death Magnets Part 2

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Some of the most common death magnets in churches today:


  1. Lack of Relevance

Is your church out of touch with the culture in its community? Ask yourself, “If our church were to disappear tomorrow, would it really matter as far as a kingdom impact?” Leading your church by looking through the rear view mirror becomes a death magnet.

  1. Our Church is Not Any Worse than the others in Our City.

When the standard is not excellence and effectiveness, but rather mediocrity, you are headed down a dangerous path. Have a God-sized vision for your church.

  1. The Budget is King

Is this the scenario in your church? An opportunity presents itself and there is cost involved that is not in the budget. The potential is tremendous, yet when you try to acquire additional funds you are turned down with the mantra, “We don’t have it in the budget.” Welcome to the “Budget is King” death magnet. In reality the budget is seldom the real problem. Budget is king is a symptom of lack of leadership, poor communication, and lack of trust.

More in Part 3!

Avoiding Death Magnets Part 1

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“Death Magnet” is a term coined by Jim Jones, a former M60 tank company commander. Jones noticed in training of other tank commanders that many would take their tanks through the easier terrain although it led to many tanks being “killed.” He called these areas “death magnets.”

Tanks have great difficulty moving quickly through mountainous or wooded terrain and they can be stopped by ravines, canyons, and canals. Thus, tank commanders are inclined to travel through plains and valleys. Knowing this the enemy can use the terrain to funnel the opposing force into kill zones or “death magnets.” The take away is the easy way is usually mined. The easy way is a death magnet too. In a similar way, there are death magnets in churches. The traditional habits and patterns of thinking continue to bring the church into serious ineffectiveness. In the next few weeks we will be talking about some of the most common death magnets.


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