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The Seven Nails in the Church Coffin

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Statistics show that churches are dying at an alarming rate in the United States. The most disconcerting thought is that the church is nailing their coffin shut.



Nail #1 – Tradition: Let us keep doing things the way we have always done it.

Nail #2 – Bureaucracy: Churches maintain the present system.

Nail #3 – Inertia: Churches maintaining the present direction. Members are focused on the insiders rather than the outsiders.

Nail #4 – Caution: Fear of change. Most churches struggle with making decisions.

Nail #5 – Busyness: I do not know a pastor who would say they are not extremely busy. Unfortunately, they are busy doing less mission critical activities. Churches use sideways energy.

Nail #6 – Clarity: No one seems to have a clear picture of what, why and how.

Nail #7 – Apathy: No one really cares.

Drop the hammer before it is too late! It is not too late to stop the funeral. However, the church will need to make difficult changes. Look at the alternative and decide what choice you want to make.

Do You Want to Improve Your Delegation Skills?

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Delegation is accomplishing results through others. A few benefits of delegation are expanding your potential, and improving your work. When you delegate your potential becomes unlimited. Delegation is an excellent way to develop people. So why don’t leaders delegate? When a leader is not willing to delegate it is usually because:


    1. They are insecure.
    2. They cannot let go of control.
    3. There is a lack of ability to train others.
    4. There is a lack of confidence and belief in others.
    5. They have a low self-image and do not want to inspire others.
    6. They have a fear of mistakes or failures.
    7. They think they are too busy to delegate.


It is also important to know and trust the person to which you delegate. Do not go too fast, start slow. Make sure you set up the person for success. If you truly want to be a more effective leader, you must learn the art of delegation.


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