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Great Expectations

Posted Posted by jenny on June 24th, 2012 in Articles     Comments No comments

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Is there anything wrong with having great expectations in life?

Not long ago I was consulting with a Christian radio station that had a few challenges. Over dinner, I asked the general manager of the station what his expectation was of my assistance for the station. His answer surprised me. He said, “I have no expectations.” My response was, “You have no expectations at all?” His rationale is with no expectations he would never be disappointed. I guess that would be true, but my belief is that limits the possibilities.


Former NFL coach and broadcaster John Madden claimed he never coached a game he did not expect to win. He also said it made losing more painful because it was unexpected. So there are two schools of thought:

  1. No expectations.
  2. Expect good things.

Yes, it may be true if one expects nothing one will not be disappointed. However, I have found in expecting great things often great things happen. As a leader I have experienced both disappointment and failure. Great expectations have pushed me and the ones who follow to imagine the possibilities; therefore, we have seen incredible things. So put me in the camp of “Great Expectations.”

Who is in Your Inner Circle?

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There is an old saying, “if you listen to everyone you are in trouble if you listen to no one that is dangerous.” So who do you listen to? Your inner circle—the people that you work with closely, an advisor or even a family member. A few rules for the “Inner Circle”:

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  • They need to tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.
  • They should be confidential.
  • They should have no hidden agenda.
  • They are truly out for your good.
  • They must know your strengths and weaknesses.

Something I have observed over the years about people’s “inner circles.” Insecure leaders will have weak leaders in their circle, whereas secure leaders will have strong leaders in their “inner circle.”

Who is in your inner circle?

Attract the Best

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Attract the Best…How?

Every organization searches for high quality team members. So how do you attract the best?

Create this type of culture:

People are valued and respected. They believe what they have to say matters. The best idea is adopted, not just the boss’s idea. There is a high level of trust in the organization.

People are not micro-managed; they are even given permission to fail. The work is extremely meaningful. Work is a good place to be when there are guiding principles and a clear vision. This gives each employee something to strive for that is bigger than the bottom line. The best want to be part of a winner.

People want to be proud of their employer. Successes need to be celebrated corporately and on an individual basis. The leaders of organizations who claim, “I cannot seem to find good people” or “there are not any good people out there” are out to lunch. The best organizations and leaders attract the best people. You may want to look in the mirror.


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