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Healthy living begins with self-leadership

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How can one lead others without leading oneself? Self-leadership is character driven leadership and is the foundation for all leadership. Mastering the art of self-leadership is crucial for healthy living and involves three components. It begins with embracing and articulating life’s values and finding a life purpose.

To find values that are important, answer these questions. Where is time spent? What does your checkbook reveal about the focus of your world? When one is guided by deeply held values those values will impact decisions made.

Connecting with a life purpose is also essential to self-leadership. Purpose gives direction. A person must develop a strong connection with their purpose which guides actions and elevates their daily routine above the mundane.

There are three components of self-leadership. The first is physical which involves diet and nutrition. Weight management, exercise, personal medical care and rest are also part of self-leadership. Taking responsibility for one’s health is a must. Rest and relaxation are essential to recharge and continue to sustain life at a typical pace.

Emotional health is the second component of self-leadership. Few emotions are as powerful and destructive as anger. Anger must be controlled in your life. Fear and worry bring about stress in one’s life. It is estimated that approximately 75% of the patients doctors treat are stress related.

The third component is intellectual self-leadership. Most people operate with a mindset that once they finish their formal education they are finished learning. This is a big mistake. Learning should never stop. Make time each week to read and study. Statistics show most people do not tend to read on a regular basis although reading is a great tool for intellectual growth. A challenge is to read at least one book a month. Another way to improve intellectually is to have a mentor. Mentors speak into others’ lives and hold accountable the actions that must develop.

Healthy living can begin with these practices. Do not use excuses or delays. Self-leadership is about learning to lead life in such a way to live well and finish well.

Does Your Organization Lack Honor?

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© sepy - Fotolia.comThe definition of honor is high respect and a good reputation. A Team Code of Honor is a set standard and conduct for the team. The benefits are significant and worthy of your time and consideration. What if every organization had a Team Code of Honor?

 An immediate, positive reaction to a Code of Honor is an improvement in team morale. When team members know the “culture” they are more comfortable, which naturally improves morale. There is also clarity of what is important. When team members are not clear, expect problems. A Code of Honor also brings unity and alignment; a sense that everyone is heading in the same direction.

Today we hear a lot about an organizational culture. Your Team Code of Honor can define that culture for your organization so you can be more effective and unified.


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