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Joy is Possible

Posted Posted by jenny on September 5th, 2012 in Articles     Comments No comments

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Joy is possible! When one experiences joy, it is blissful. But joy is not a common experience. Today it is lost in a world of stressed out, burned out and maxed out people. Joy is happiness and peacefulness. There are five practices that will nurture joy—it is possible!


Attain a good perspective; most of us live better than ninety percent of the people in the world. We have food to eat, shelter, and quality health care. Traveling to foreign countries, it is easy to see how spoiled Americans have become. Learn to take a breath and keep things in perspective.

Discover something to laugh about every day. Laughter is good medicine. Lighten up and appreciate each day. Find a hobby to enjoy. Hang out with people with humor. Laughter can kick start joy in one’s life.

Look forward to something every week. It could be a date with your spouse or a play day with the kids. People are wired to look forward to the future. Remember, it can be the simple things in life that make a difference. Make memories with your family.

If joy is important, take care of your body. Neglecting the physical being will affect both the emotional and spiritual being. It is the base operation. People lack joy if they do not take care of their bodies. They feel guilty, lack confidence, have poor self-image, and feel sluggish.

The last practice to nurture joy is controlling finances. Make sure your financial house is in order. Look at debt as an enemy. It is almost impossible to have joy when stressed out about finances. Take control, create a budget, and stick with it.

These five practices will allow joy to come into your life. Do not wait, start today.


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