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Stress Less

Posted Posted by jenny on November 7th, 2012 in Articles     Comments No comments

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Two words that will significantly lower stress in life are eliminating and delegating.

When it comes to stress many times our worst enemy is self. We become over committed, not knowing how to say no. This leads to an unsustainable existence.

Answer these questions:

What could be eliminated in my life?

What are the things only I can do?

Any item that did not make the second list should be considered an activity or something to delegate. Dr. Howard Hendricks said, “The secret to concentration is elimination.”

Most people do not wish to delegate because they do not understand the benefit. When delegating it expands your potential, improves work, and eases pressure when done properly. Not only does delegation have benefits but it is a great way to develop others.

When stressed out or overloaded, ask what can be eliminated or delegated. Find a way to live with less stress and stress less!


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