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Running on Empty

Posted Posted by jenny on December 9th, 2012 in Articles     Comments No comments

© alswart - Fotolia.comThere is more than one energy crisis facing the country. We all know what a gallon of gas costs. Our cars may be filled with expensive gas, but people seem to be running on empty. Exhaustion is a common and accepted way of life. Why live this way? Make a few small changes and see a significant difference.

Eating a healthy diet is beneficial for many reasons. Eat for energy, not pleasure. Well, sometimes it is okay to splurge but not every meal! All the studies show white sugar is a culprit. Other items to avoid are sugary drinks and fried foods. Attempt to eat more fruits and vegetables, drink at least two – three liters of water daily, and eat dessert no more than once a week.

Research proves most people are not getting enough sleep. Seven to nine hours a day is needed but schedule control is a must to make it happen. Quit staying up late internet and channel surfing. Take a short nap during the day if possible.

Work is a good thing but too much work can be detrimental. Living a sustainable life is vital. One must decide if a job is enjoyable and fulfilling; if not, search for the right job. To increase productivity at work, take a ten minute break about every ninety minutes.  Get up from your desk, walk around and stretch.

It sounds contradictory to tell someone if they exercise they will have more energy, but it is true. Most people say they are too busy to exercise. Others say they do not know what to do or are too out of shape. The key to exercise is to begin. Be consistent, even if it is only fifteen minutes a day. Do not overdo, think long haul. Walking a few minutes a day is an excellent way to start.

Do not forget to add recreation into your schedule. Have fun and enjoy each day because every day is truly a gift.

One last thing, laughing is like filling up with fuel. Choose to live life to the fullest.


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