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Part 1: The Story Behind the 3×5 Plan

Posted Posted by jenny on March 26th, 2013 in Articles     Comments No comments

3x5 plan

Personal Growth Made Simple

I have trained several hundred people on how to develop their personal growth plan. Like most things, people listened to my ideas and had good intentions. Some people have taken my ideas, developed their own plan, and followed it to a T. My best guess would be less than 10% actually created their plan and followed it.

I believe deep down we all have good intentions to grow personally. Unfortunately, life happens and our hopes for improvement are put aside to deal with the challenges of the day. We are successful in putting out those daily fires but miss out on the opportunity to grow on a personal level.

As 2012 was coming to an end, the thought hit me, “You deserve better.” Your continued personal growth is very important. You DO deserve better. In my experience in leading and coaching others, I’ve had much satisfaction being part of positive change in someone’s life. When a good plan comes together for personal growth, it is very rewarding to witness.  For personal growth to happen there must be a plan and it should be a good one.

“No Plan” & “The Big Plan”

When it comes to planning, people typically fall into two camps- “No Plan” and “The Big Plan.” Believe it or not, No Plan is really a plan. It is just the worst possible plan. Real growth and improvement doesn’t “just happen” else it would have happened already. The No Plan approach accounts for 90% of all personal growth intentions.

The Big Plan is an over-complicated approach that becomes impossible to follow. The Big Plan becomes so arduous that people give up before they begin. The Big Plan to personal growth accounts for 7% of all plans. Both begin with the best intentions.

Simple Plan

So reflecting on what has worked best for me, I realized writing my plans down in a clear, simple, and concise format was the ticket. No computer, no iPhone or IPad—just pen and paper. This plan should be simple, doable, and thorough.

If you take 1% of your day (which is 14 minutes) to plan the other 99% of your day, the other 99% will go better.

My desire was to create something simple; maybe radical…so the 3 X 5 Plan!


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