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The 3×5 Plan: Part 4- Write It Down

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I use an iPhone, iPad, and a MacBook laptop. Over the years I have used all three to take notes and keep up with my personal growth plan. However, what I found is that none of these tools are more effective than the act of writing something down. I did some more homework to verify if this was just another, “Scotty weird thing.”

New research shows the importance of writing things down. Brain imaging studies have shown writing causes greater brain activity called “Reticular Activity System.” When “RAS” is triggered by writing, it sends a signal to the cerebral cortex to focus on what a person deems as most important at that moment.

3x5 plan

Writing things down:

  • Improves memory

  • Makes a permanent record

  • Shows you are serious

  • Makes you more accountable

  • You can better work through thoughts that are written down


The 3×5 Plan- Part 3: The Research

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3x5 plan

The Power of Three


A phrase I have heard through leadership circles for the last several years is the “Power of Three.” Research proves that our mind can handle three thoughts very well, but when adding a fourth it causes confusion and procrastination occurs.

Research also shows how significant it is to write plans/goals down on paper. If you have doubts, look at the Harvard study which was conducted several years ago. Here is the short version:

The Harvard MBA graduates who had goals/plans but did not write them down had an income of twice as much as the MBA’s that did not have any goals. The MBA graduates who had goals/plans that were written down had an income of 10 times greater than those of the classmates that did not have goals/plans.

Only 3% of the Harvard MBA students had goals and wrote them down and their income was 10 times higher than the others.

The 3×5 Plan: Criteria & Benefits

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I knew the criteria for the 3 X 5 Plan had to be simple. Also, I wanted to capture this plan in a concise way in order to share with others.


Simple                   Anything too difficult will not last.

Concise                 Often plans are too wordy or vague.

Effective               This method has worked for me. Also research shows the concepts

                              applied are incredibly effective.

Doable                   Anyone can do it. No fancy electronic devices are required.

Free                       Yes, it’s free. You can’t beat free.


Clarity                     Begin each day being clear on what is most important.

Focus                      This plan requires you to focus like a laser.

Good Results          If you follow the plan, I am confident you will have improved results.

3x5 plan


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