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Part 8: 3×5 Plan- Final Thoughts

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What Next? Begin!

It could take a few minutes or a few hours to develop your plan. Then 5 – 10 minutes a day to fill out a new 3 X 5 index card with your personal growth plan.

3x5 plan


Over the years I have worked with thousands of leaders, CEO’s, General Managers, Pastors, Executive Directors, Entrepreneurs, Educators, Politicians, Administrators, Writers, Speakers, etc.  Some experienced an 800% improvement and some stayed the same. Why the difference?

Commitment and Application!

Some had a much higher degree of commitment than others. Some had a greater understanding on how to apply the things I taught. What am I saying? It is now up to you to do your part—God has got His part!

Share Your Success

The fact that you have a personal growth plan puts you ahead of 99% of the people in the world. I encourage you to share your success with others around you. Join the 3 X 5 Facebook page and share your journey with the other 3 X 5 planners. Know that I am pulling for you and am very proud of you for joining the army of people who are part of the 3 X 5 Plan team.

 Live well, be blessed!


*Go to to download your free copy of my eBook of the 3 X 5 Plan: Personal Growth Made Simple.

Part #7: Creating Your Own 3×5 Plan (continued)

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3x5 plan

Step 4

  • Write down three activities that you will do each day. These are different than daily tasks. Your daily activities are “bigger picture” actions. For example, one of my three daily activities is to study. Each day I study 30 minutes to 5 hours. These three activities will not change each day.

(I would suggest that you create on a separate document a weekly “to do list.” This is where you would list the various tasks that you will accomplish throughout the week. A typical week for me is 20 – 25 tasks. In a perfect world every task would help us accomplish our annual goals but as you know, many times that is not reality.)

Step 5

  • Next, write your three top priorities for the day. Ask yourself, if I can accomplish three things today, what would they be? Then focus your energy and time on those things.

  • Your priorities will change every day.

  • For more information about priorities read Quest of the Keys pp. 73-74.

“Successful people live by priorities not by pressure.” Quest of the Keys

Step 6

  • At the end of the day or the beginning of the next day, write down three things you are grateful for. I have found this to be helpful in being thankful for my blessings. It will also be a way to give you a better perspective on life.

 Here is a short review:

Step 1: Purpose…………………stays the same each day

Step 2: Passion………………….stays the same each day

Step 3: Yearly Goals………….stays the same each day

Step 4: Daily Activities………stays the same each day

Step 5: Priorities……………….changes each day

Step 6: Grateful………………..changes each day

You may ask, “Why write down your purpose, passion, goals, and activities each day when they do not change?”

Clarity, Focus, Results!


Part 6: Creating Your Own 3×5 Plan

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We have all heard of the KISS principle (Keep It Super Simple), a practice implemented by the U.S. Navy. The KISS principle states that most systems work best if they are kept simple rather than made complex. The 3 X 5 Plan is designed simple for maximum success. Follow these simple instructions and see results!

3x5 plan




Step 1

  • Write out on paper what you believe to be your purpose. Until you know your purpose, you will always lack the clarity you need to live life to its fullest.

  • Write your purpose statement. Try to keep it simple—within one sentence.

  • For more information on how to write your purpose statement read Quest of the Keys pp. 33-37.

“It is much easier to write your life purpose. The greater challenge is to live it each day.”  Quest of the Keys

Step 2

  • Write three things you are passionate about. These should connect back to your purpose.

  • For more information about passion read Quest of the Keys pp. 38-51.

“Passion is something that will consume your thoughts and time.”  Quest of the Keys

Step 3

  • Write your three major goals for the year. Use the S.M.A.R.T. goals approach.






  • Only list three major goals. It is alright to have more than three goals and I generally do but for your 3 X 5 Plan, three is all!

  • For more information about goals, read Quest of the Keys pp. 96-97.

“Don’t let your doubts today limit your realization of tomorrow.” Quest of the Keys

The 3×5 Plan: Part 5: Confirmation

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3x5 plan

Word of the Year

Each year God gives me a word for focus and direction. (I want to thank my friend John Rea for suggesting this idea to my church 15 years ago).


In November of 2012, I began praying and asking God what my word for 2013 would be. The word “trust” kept coming to my mind. This was confusing because I am trusting to a fault; surely that could not be my word.


I have found many times that God has to give me three confirmations, probably because of my lack of faith at times.


First Confirmation

In November, my wife gave me a pen and pencil set with the word “trust” engraved on it for my birthday.


Second Confirmation

On developing the 3 X 5 Plan, there are two connections to the numbers 3 & 5.

  1. You put your plan on a 3 x 5 index card.

  2. There are 5 key areas with three points under each—therefore you get 3 X 5.

Side note story: To make the plan 3D, I wanted to connect a Scripture reference. Sorry I was not spiritual enough to begin there. I needed a Scripture that was a Chapter 3, verse 5 (3:5). Surely in the entire Bible there would be the perfect verse. So what do all great theologians do? Google it, right? The first Scripture listed was Proverbs 3:5, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” There is that word “trust” again.


Third Confirmation

The same week I was working on the 3 X 5 Plan, I was attending a Men’s Retreat and one of the speakers shared his testimony. He told the crowd that Proverbs 3:5 was a game changer for him and now was his life verse. This man had struggled with depression but as the Scripture became real to him, his depression had subsided.


Now, for the skeptics in the group; why was the word, “trust” on my radar? Why would my wife buy me a gift with the word “trust.” When I Googled a 3:5 verse, why would “trust” be the first word? And why of all the wonderful passages of Scripture the speaker at the Men’s Retreat could have chosen, did he share “trust” in the Lord? You may not be convinced, but I am. I am 100% convinced that the Lord gave me the 3 X 5 Plan to give away to others. I am exercising Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the Lord…”


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