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Hiring Mistakes

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After many years of hiring people and making mistakes along the way, I have listed three on the biggest mistakes.

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  1. Make sure you have clearly identified the position you need. Qualifications, job responsibilities, and expectations.

  2. Get a large pool of candidates. If you only have a few potential candidates, you limit yourself in hiring the very best. Pull out all the stops to create a large pool.

  3. A rigorous interview process. Ask the tough questions. Get others involved and do your homework.

Do not be in a hurry. Success is not in the time it took to hire someone but in the quality of the hire.


Team Leader’s Non-Negiotiables

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  1. Credibility – “Trust me.” You must have trust and respect if you expect to lead others. Protect and guard your credibility at all cost.

  2. Encouragement – Many times I remind a leader to encourage his team. In fact, I suggest reading the book “Encouraging the Heart.” Our team members need us more than we think. Look for ways to encourage each of your team members.

  3. Clarity – When people lack clarity they do not take action. The leader must make sure each team member is clear on vision, goals, expectations, etc.

  4. Collaboration – The ability to give and take. Listen to feedback without becoming defensive or mad. Learn how to create a collaborative culture with your team. Collaboration requires everyone to be fully engaged with the issues at hand.

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