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Passion is Powerful

Posted Posted by jenny on July 30th, 2013 in Articles     Comments No comments

quest-of-the-keys_book-coverRecently I experienced the power of passion in leadership. When the leader is passionate (any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling) others see it.

I authored Quest of the Keys, a fantasy fiction book that teaches life changing principles. I am very passionate about encouraging and empowering people to live a better life. Quest of the Keys is a vehicle in which I can utilize this goal.

To say that “I am all in” on Quest of the Keys would be a gross understatement. I am extremely passionate about the potential impact on millions of people. So here is the takeaway for leaders. When the leader is passionate, it spreads to others. My passion of Quest of the Keys led to the passion of my publicist Cheryl Wicker. Couple her passion with mine and it spread to an actor named Major Dodge. Major became as passionate about Quest of the Keys as anyone I know. Quest made a difference in his life and he believes It should become a movie.

When Major became excited about Quest of the Keys, he shared it with a friend of his named Jena Waldren, who is an actress and movie producer. Because Major was so passionate about Quest, she became interested and read the book.

Next Jena caught the passion bug, because passion is contagious! Jena’s passion for Quest led to a conversation with her business partner Mark Koch who happens to be a major movie producer (Lost in Space, Black Dog, The Perfect Game and worked with Mel Gibson on the Passion of the Christ). Mark read Quest of the Keys and now he is passionate about making it a big budget movie.

Passion is powerful! My passion led to multiple people becoming passionate about the same thing. If you are a leader and you are not passionate about what you are doing, I would recommend becoming passionate or changing what you do. Be passionate!


The Cost of Disengagement

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When I am brought in to consult with an organization, much can be learned by attending a team meeting. During this meeting I will access:

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  • Energy

  • Communication

  • Collaboration

  • Decision Making

  • Team Member Engagement

Many of these areas can be addressed and can improve, but when team member disengagement is present there is a greater problem. There are techniques to bring more energy and training to improve communication, collaboration, and decision making. Disengaged team members have quit but are still showing up to get a paycheck.

Statistics show as many as 65% of all employees are disengaged. Employee emotions drive disengagement. They are triggered by the attitudes, values, and beliefs of their leaders which in turn governs how the leaders treat their team members.

The cost of disengagement is huge! There are two choices:

  1. Create a culture in your organization where team members love what they do, feel valued, and are given opportunities to grow. This will help produce a fully engaged team member.

  2. Learn to recognize disengaged employees as soon as possible. Do not waste time or money trying to change them. Let them go where they have a chance to engage elsewhere.

Communication is Critical

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To lead well one needs to communicate well. The following three things are critical to communication:

  1. Be clear. There is so much white noise these days. Clarity is essential for effective communication.

  2. Be brief. I admit this is tough for most speakers. My passion makes me longwinded. Try to remember the importance of brevity.

  3. Be bold. Do not be afraid to speak passionately. Have conviction, be inspirational, and empower others when you speak.

Will you be the kind of leader that communicates well with others?



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