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Quest to be your best

Posted Posted by jenny on August 29th, 2013 in Articles     Comments No comments

In the book, Quest of the Keys, a young man named Decklen has failed miserably in life. He travels back to his home to discuss the legendary Eight Keys to Success.

Each of us should be intentional in becoming one’s best. One’s potential is unlimited; there is much more we can accomplish if we start on the quest.


Here are a few things Decklen learned about optimizing his potential:

  • Do not try to be someone else. Be your best. This is a common mistake people make. Remember your unique qualities, strengthens, abilities, personality and maximize those attributes.

  • Commit yourself to be a life-long learner. Learning begins at birth and ends at death. Think for the long haul. Each week find new things to learn.

  • Surround yourself with exceptional people who will challenge and bring out your best.

  • Lastly, believe positive things can happen in your life. Have a big vision and then take action. It is amazing how much growth will take place when you follow this advice.


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