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Quest to be your best IV

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Reaching your potential

The best life is possible for everyone. The best life is not necessarily being wealthy or famous. A better life is more about reaching your potential.


In the book Quest of the Keys, the hero, Decklen, was observing a group of new recruits at a military training camp. Cecadian, the leader of the camp asked him this question, “What do you see?” Decklen did not understand the question, so Cecadian responded. “I see potential.”

Each one of us has tremendous potential if we pay the required price. Maybe it is to be in better physical shape. What can be done to make that happen? What about committing to exercise several days a week or to adjust eating habits? Who is in control of these? Your potential lies in your hands.


A few tips to reach your potential:

  • Do not try to be someone else

  • Be a life-long learner

  • Play to your strengths

  • Make discipline your friend

  • Take the quest to be your best

Unlimited potential is in your hands. Begin your quest today.


Quest to be the best III

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questAre your priorities in the right order?

Going on a quest for the best is a very good thing. In the book Quest of the Keys, Decklen had to learn the importance of prioritizing. Several times on his quest he was faced with making tough choices. Decklen was successful in navigating those choices because he had mastered the principle of prioritizing.

Each of us has the same amount of time in life; it is what is done with that time that makes the difference in having a better life. Prioritizing is doing the most important thing first.

Many people give lip service to what they say is valuable to them. But the reality is where one spends their time and money is usually most important. Let me suggest scheduling your priorities. Begin blocking off time on your daily calendar for the things that are most important. If your family is important, then schedule time with them.

Here is a simple process:

  • Evaluate: Is this the best thing?

  • Delegate: What can come off my plate?

  • Estimate: How much time is required?

Work on comprehending this process. Learn the importance of prioritizing. Successful people live by their prioritizing, not by pressure.


Quest to be the Best II

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Passion for life

In the book Quest of the Keys, Decklen finds the second key to success; passion. Passion is something that will consume your thoughts and time. In fact, passion is the first step to significance. Living a life of passion will make one a more productive and dedicated person.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What causes excitement about the world?

  • If teaching something, what would it be?

  • What causes sadness?

  • What causes anger?

  • What activities result in losing track of time?

Think about people who have a passion. They are fun to be around because passion is contagious. Do not go through life hating your job. It is time to make a change if your job is not your passion. Live out your passion. Chase your dream.

Knowing your purpose and living with passion one can expect extraordinary results.



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