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Don’t Spit in the Tiger’s Eye

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Recently my granddaughters, Jillian and Jessa-Claire, have been spending more time with my wife and me, their Gigi and Papa. I like having rules and structure for children so with the girl’s input, we established Papa’s rules. Notice, these rules are good for adults as well as children.


Papa’s Rules:

  1. Do not hurt others.

In the girl’s case, it was more about hitting or punching other kids. For adults, the emphasis is on words you use.


  1. Do not lie. Always tell the truth.

Kids lie, but so do adults. Be a person of your word.


  1. Obey.

When a parent or grandparent tells you to do something, you need to obey. God has placed them in authority for your protection. However, if you violate your authority, God will remove you from their lives. As adults, we need to submit to authority. Whether it is a teacher at school, boss at work, or government official, we have a responsibility to obey.


  1. Use good manners.

Children need good manners. Be polite. Say “Yes Sir,” and “No Ma’am.” Adults need to remember their manners too. Showing respect is rare today.


  1. Don’t spit in the tiger’s eye.

Jillian and Jessa helped me with this one. (There was a stuffed tiger in the room where we were talking about the rules). This is my take away: Don’t do stupid stuff!


Here is one cautionary note. Don’t let rules get in the way of helping people.


Is Your Organization Bleeding Internally

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For years, I have said that disengaged employees are the biggest cost factor to an organization. When you are bleeding externally, you see blood. Internal bleeding is much harder to diagnose because you cannot see the effects as easily, but it can be deadly.

A recent Gallup workplace study found in 2012, only 30% of U.S. workers were “engaged.” This means 70% of workers are not engaged in their work.

It is estimated that lack of employee engagement is costing between $450 billion to $550 billion each year in lost productivity.

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Here are 5 suggestions to stop the bleeding in your organization:

  1. Hire the right people.

  2. Make expectations clear.

  3. Empower others to do their job.

  4. Let employees play to their strengths.

  5. Show appreciation and value team members.


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