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Downsizing Your Ego

Posted Posted by jenny on January 23rd, 2014 in Articles     Comments No comments

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A few years ago, a very wise friend was telling me what he thought about a new leader. I will never forget this statement; he said, “When I first met him, I thought he was the most humble person I had ever met. Now 6 months later, he might have the biggest ego of anyone I know!”


Do you know someone like that? They appear to be humble because they are able to disguise it well. However, below the surface, they have an ego that needs to be downsized. The following are characteristics of a person who needs to work on their ego. Check yourself to see if you need to work on downsizing!


  • You have superficial relationships


  • You tend to resist transparency


  • Deep down you really feel insecure


  • You want to be the center of attention


  • You want to be in control


  • You cannot admit mistakes


  • You do not receive negative feedback well



Vetting Your Future Boss

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Interviews are not one sided. If I consider working with a new client, I want to know how they lead and how they treat others. Are they micro-managers? Do they respect others? Do they have a servant’s heart?

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A few things to notice about your future boss:

How are they perceived in the organization?

What about the turn-over in the organization?

What can this person teach me?


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