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Communicate with Care

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Communication in any size organization is usually an area that needs work. Two tenets of communication to keep in mind are the following:




The size of the cannon – The higher up you are in the organization, the “bigger the cannon ball” you fire.

Twenty-four hour rule – this works in different ways. First, I want to respond back to people within twenty-four hours. This says to others they matter. Second, if I receive a communication that elects an emotional reaction, anger in particular; I am very careful how I respond. “Sleep on it” before responding, may be a good idea in this instance.


Be the Best “YOU” At All Times

Posted Posted by jenny on February 14th, 2014 in Articles     Comments No comments

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Decide who you are and be “you” at all times. Lack of authenticity is a major hindrance in relationships. People want to trust their leaders, but there have been instances where the trust was broken. Trust must be gained rather than conferred. People will only give it to someone who is real—to a person, not a title.

If you want people to follow you and trust you as a leader, be “you” all the time, in all situations!


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