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Leaders Want To Grow

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Recently I was conducting an exit interview with a team member of an organization. He had accepted a new position mainly because he was offered the opportunity to be coached in his personal growth.

Here are two takeaways from this situation:

  1. To keep good people who want to grow, you need a leadership development plan for your organization.
  2. It is difficult to find good leaders. Do not lose them because they do not have opportunities for growth.

Start asking the question, “How are we developing our leaders?” Then take action!

Inspired by Andrew Osakue

Mitigate Resistance

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When creating something new such as a business, book, or invention; we uncork an opposite reaction called resistance. The mission of resistance is to stop you from achieving your higher goals.

Though resistance cannot be fully stopped, it can be mitigated. Here are some common ways resistance shows up:



  • Over planning
  • Research
  • Perfection
  • Family and friends
  • Logic
  • The voice in our head

 To accomplish your goals, think produce while you perfect. It is called a work-in-progress or quote Seth Goodin, “ship it.”

It’s Easier to Believe

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 “It is easier to believe the bad stuff,” says Vivian in the movie Pretty Woman. This is true, but what if you changed that statement? Rather than focusing on a person’s “bad stuff” (by the way, we all have some), we start looking for the good in people?


 What If?

  • We saw the good rather than the bad in people?

  • We spoke words of encouragement to people in our daily interactions?

  • When someone speaks negative, don’t be a party to it. Challenge them to go directly to the person if they have an issue.

  • Rather than condemning people with “bad stuff” we coached them to be better?

  • We gave people a little grace?

Start today believing good rather than the “bad stuff” about people. You might find people will do the same for you!


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