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The 2% Rule

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Each one of us will make mistakes no matter how hard we try. What is important is what we do immediately after making a mistake.

What if you are not sure you made a mistake? This is where the 2% rule comes into play. If there is a 2% chance you made a mistake, take steps to make it right.


  1. Take responsibility.

  2. Apologize.

  3. Explain what happened, without being defensive.

  4. Persist in your efforts—it may require several meetings to get proper resolution.

The other part of the 2% rule understands you may be 98% right and only 2% wrong. Work on the 2%, and then learn and grow from it.



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Culture is neither good nor bad in itself. However, if your corporate culture is bad, it must be changed.

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Signs of a Culture That Needs Help:

  1. High turnover in staff.

  2. People work in silos.

  3. Little or no collaboration.

  4. Morale is low.

  5. People work in fear.

  6. Lack of trust for the top management.

  7. Sense of secrecy.


There are other signs, but these are the most common. If your organization has one or more of these, consider these tips for making a change.


Tips on Changing Your Culture:

  1. Admit the culture needs to be changed.

  2. Bring in someone from the outside to identify the problems.

  3. Leaders must own the changes and accept responsibility.

  4. Listen to findings and feedback without becoming defensive.

  5. Make needed changes (Guiding Principles).

  6. As the leader, be the most accountable.

  7. Discuss and evaluate the company’s culture regularly.


Having a healthy company culture is probably the biggest game changer to its success!

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