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Hope Management

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Delegation is something a leader must do to multiply and grow in ministry. There is one task a leader must never delegate, especially in the church—HOPE!

The church is in the hope business. In the world today most people are easily deflated, sensitive to defeat and criticism, and de-motivated by setbacks. They look for a leader who has optimism, who radiates a sense that together we can do what needs to be done. When people see this kind of leader, they tend to decide not to waste their energy wondering about “if” but focus their energy going after “how.”

We of all people ought to be known most for our hope; because our hope is founded on something deeper that human ability or wishful thinking. Yet, churches can become places of cynicism, resistance and pessimism. Both hope and pessimism are deeply contagious. And no one is more infectious than a leader.

Will you learn the art of hope management? Learn the activities, practices and people who build hope, as well as the activities, practices and people who drain hope. Identify people in your life who breathe energy and hope and be that kind of person to others.

You can’t delegate hope!


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 This article is inspired by two dear friends, Toni Reeder and Dr. Michael Walker.

Learning to be a better listener is an ongoing journey. I am not sure why, but I have to be intentional or I will talk too much. Here are a few things I have gained from Toni and Dr. Walker.



  1. Listen 90% of the time and talk 10% (this is a challenge for me)!

  2. Listen with your eyes. Look at people when they are talking.

  3. Do not interrupt people; let them finish what they are saying.

  4. Ask open ended questions.

  5. WAIT – I love this one.



W        Why

A          Am

I           I

T          Talking


Thank you, Toni and Dr. Walker for your patience and caring instruction to me!


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