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The #1 Reason People Quit Their Job

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Recently I was talking to a friend I had once supervised. Because I truly cared about my friend, I asked him these questions:

  • How are you doing?

  • Are you happy?

  • How is your family?

  • How is your work?

After we talked for a few moments something strange happened; he began to get emotional. When I asked what was wrong he said, “I have been working for 40 years of my life and you are the only person who has ever asked me how I was doing. You are the only one to make me feel appreciated.

My heart broke for my friend, but our conversation pointed out the fact that most supervisors do not care or appreciate team members. This is the #1 reason people quit their jobs. What makes this sadder is that affirming others generally cost no money and very little time.

Here are a few suggestions to appreciate others:

  1. Say thank you.

  2. Remind them that their work matters.

  3. Look them in the eye.

  4. Write notes of encouragement. (I have written over 10,000 personal notes).

  5. Recognize the positive.

  6. Encourage innovative thinking.

  7. Empower—do not micromanage.

  8. Have their back.

  9. Provide perks.

  10. Truly care about them as a person.

Creating a Learning Culture

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The learning culture begins with the leader. You are the ceiling in your organization. Learning should never end, especially after a formal degree. Unfortunately, most people stop learning after they graduate.

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The following suggestions help “Create a Learning Culture”

  1. Be a constant learner. (Don’t live in the past)
  2. Read books
  3. Have a coach
  4. Listen to webinars
  5. Read articles
  6. Attend conferences
  7. Encourage others to learn by letting them share what they are learning.
  8. Invest in others’ learning.
  9. Learn from mistakes. Do not let this opportunity pass you by.
  10. Reward team members who are learning.

Build time in meetings to allow learning to take place. Create a learning culture in your organization today!

Make Others Better

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People who make others around them better are highly valued in our world. This person is a rare find. Look at the following characteristics and see if you can take steps to becoming that kind of person.

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Characteristics of someone who makes others better:

  1. They know how to develop others.

  2. They see the capabilities in others.

  3. They know how to challenge others.

  4. They look for the good in others.

  5. They are not a genius but are genius makers.

One of the greatest compliments to receive is, “You make our team better.”

Always Late

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Why are some people always punctual and others habitually late? My theory is that the people who are always late, plan it that way.

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The “Late Person’s” Plan

  1. They do not make being on time a priority.
    Solution: Learn to put others first. You do what is important.

  1. They generally underestimate how much time it takes to get things done.
    Solution: Start by being honest with yourself.

  1. They are scrambling in the morning.
    Solution: Plan ahead. Prepare for the next morning. Have a place for your keys, cell phone and other essentials so time will not be wasted looking for misplaced items.

  1. They have no margin.
    Solution: Do not schedule to fail! 

When you are late, it communicates a lot about you that is not good. Take steps to make a change today!


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