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Be Ready Before You Enter the Shark Tank!

Posted Posted by jenny on December 28th, 2014 in Articles     Comments No comments

SharkI have become a “Shark Tank” freak! The takeaways have helped me adapt some techniques to leadership training.

In the world you live, what would be some examples of “Shark Tanks?” For me, a few examples include meeting with my banker, my book publisher, a potential client, the Finance, Personnel or Long Range Planning Committee, or the Church Catalyst Board.

  1. Be passionate! Passion is contagious and others need to see the passion in you.


  1. Be prepared. Shooting from the hip can lead to shooting off your foot.


  1. Know the numbers. Be knowledgeable about all the key metrics.


  1. Listen and do not be defensive. It is hard to listen if you are doing all the talking.


  1. Have a good track record. Without a good basis, you may not be ready.


  1. Be a disciplined communicator. Decide what they need to hear and say it.


  1. Remember, that investors buy into people as much as ideas.


  1. Get something valuable, besides money. Wisdom and feedback are invaluable.


  1. More sharks are better than one. You cannot get enough good advisors.


Side note:

The concept of learning while being entertained is genius. Not claiming to be genius, but that is the same concept I am using with my book, Quest of the Keys. Schools all over the country are discovering the unique quality of the book and using it as English literature.


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