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Webster’s definition of change are as follows:

  • To put or take (a thing) in place of something else
  • To exchange
  • To make different—to alter or to vary.

Some synonyms for change are modify, evolve, be converted, resolve to, turn into, mellow, mature, transform, reform, adjust, grow, become, evolve, and adapt.

A few years ago I discovered I love to bring about change—as long as it does not affect me! I am not sure if anyone really likes change. However, it is necessary if we want to progress in our lives and our churches or organizations.

Here are some thoughts on change:

  • The more change an organization experiences, the more it needs effective communication.
  • Change is necessary to stay relevant. Until the leader changes, the organization will not change.
  • Change is painful!
  • People will change in proportion to the trust and credibility you have with them.

Closing thought: It is much better to over-communicate about change than to under-communicate!

Are you continuing to change and grow?


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