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Three Main Reasons Christians Do Not Share the Good News

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The church cannot continue to operate with a “business as usual” attitude. Statistics show between 95-98% of Christians will never share the Gospel. Here are the three main reasons:



1.  They do not think it is their responsibility.

How can people go to church week after week, read their Bible and not understand this specific command? God has given each Christian the Great Commission in Matthew 28:19-21. We are to make disciples.

2. Fear.

Most people can relate to this one for sure. It has been said that public speaking is one of the greatest fears we have, so imagine public speaking while sharing how a person can be saved.

3.  They do not know how.

The church has really dropped the ball in equipping people on how to share the Gospel. Pastors need to rethink how this is being done in their church.

ONE Focus Living addresses each of the reasons why people do not share by giving simple ideas in everyday situations. If Christians would read this book, instead of looking for reasons why not to share the Gospel, they would be encouraged to share with others.

I get to hear stories from all over the country from people who struggled with one or all three of these reasons and now they are engaged in reaching their family, friends, and work associates. It is because they are reaching the world by reaching ONE!


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