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Work on Being Likeable

Posted Posted by jenny on August 19th, 2015 in Articles     Comments No comments

© javiindy - Fotolia.comA poll printed in USA Today indicated seven out of ten adults work outside the home, but only 9% enjoy their jobs! Here are some other statistics. Of those who enjoy their jobs:




• 32% said they like the work itself
• 23% said they like the co-workers
• 12% said they like the money
• 7% said they like the hours
• 6% said they like the company benefits
• 3% said they like the boss – which could mean 97% do not like their boss!

If you are a leader, pastor, or CEO, you must strive for a better percentage. Serving those under your charge will greatly enhance your relationships. I am not recommending doing the wrong things or not making tough decisions in order to be popular. In my observation, dislike usually comes from the boss having character flaws such as pride, narcissism, micro-management issues or just being a weak leader.

Doing the little things and serving others makes a big difference. Try it today and watch the relationships grow.


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