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Passion in Your Life and Work

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I have said for years there is nothing to do but bury a person when he or she has no passion.

Three Ways to Stir the Passion:

1.Remember the defining points of passion in your life.
•What was something you experienced that moved you?
•What makes you angry?
•What makes you cry?

2.Develop relationships with passionate people. Passion is contagious.
•Identify at least two people who are very passionate, then schedule some time with them.
•You may be hanging around people that zap the passion from you. What can you do to change that relationship?

3.Make a personal commitment to live with passion.  I have found that most people lack passion because they do not feel good about themselves.
•Find ways to improve yourself.
•Start exercising and eating right.
•Commit to be a lifelong learner.

Do not live another day without passion. Yes, you may have to make some changes, but it will be worth it!


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