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Four Categories of the Human Race

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Adapted from the book Common Sense Success by Bill Arnold






According to the book Common Sense Success, the human race is divided into four categories: survivors, takers, winners and achievers:

• 60% are survivors – These are the people who work regularly to earn money to support themselves. They do not quit when life gets tough. This is admirable but survivors merely survive.

• 27% are takers – Prisons are full of takers. As they see it, the world owes them a living; no matter what happens a taker isn’t to blame. They always have someone or something to blame for their misfortune.

• 10% are winners – They have a winning attitude. When faced with problems they solve them. When presented with tasks they complete them. They are excellent workers and real assets to any organization.

• 3 % are achievers – They are people who take the time to plan their lives and then work to bring those plans to reality. Rather than waiting for life to give them an opportunity to succeed, they make their own. Planning makes the difference!

Survivors do not plan; they react. Takers do not plan; they manipulate. Even winners do not plan; if they did, they would be achievers. Instead winners work diligently and constructively toward someone else’s plan and are rewarded for their efforts.

Achievers are winners who plan and are willing to work on their own plans just as diligently as they would those of others. They set goals and go for them. As a result, they are the “winner” who takes all!

Are you a survivor, taker, achiever or a winner? You are the only one who can make a change!


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