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Attract the Best

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Attract the Best…How?

Every organization searches for high quality team members. So how do you attract the best?

Create this type of culture:

People are valued and respected. They believe what they have to say matters. The best idea is adopted, not just the boss’s idea. There is a high level of trust in the organization.

People are not micro-managed; they are even given permission to fail. The work is extremely meaningful. Work is a good place to be when there are guiding principles and a clear vision. This gives each employee something to strive for that is bigger than the bottom line. The best want to be part of a winner.

People want to be proud of their employer. Successes need to be celebrated corporately and on an individual basis. The leaders of organizations who claim, “I cannot seem to find good people” or “there are not any good people out there” are out to lunch. The best organizations and leaders attract the best people. You may want to look in the mirror.


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