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How to Deal with Conflict

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Conflict is never fun to deal with but is a way of life. There are two ways most people handle conflict. The first is to run from the situation and the second is to get angry and fight. Neither of these two options solves the issue. By learning to embrace conflict one will understand it is a part of life and be able to resolve it in a mature way.

A great principle to solve conflict is to speak the truth in love. This usually easier said than done. Some of us land hard on the truth side with not much love. Others are all love and forget the truth. When solving conflict, both are essential. A great illustration for this concept is a velvet brick.

There needs to be a soft side while lowering the brick. Another principle in resolving conflict is seeking to understand the other person’s point of view. Pause and think what the person may be going through. Assume the best of people. When automatically assuming the worst, it can escalate the conflict putting the other person on the defensive.

When there is a conflict it is always best to deal directly with that person. Do not attach the person but rather the problem. Seek common ground in communication. Remember to be gentle because people are fragile. Listen with head and heart and do not respond defensively.

Conflict is part of life—how it is dealt with determines the resolution. Choosing the right way to interact with people makes a difference in all situations. Try it!


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