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How to be more effective

Posted Posted by jenny on February 23rd, 2017 in Articles     Comments No comments

© Balint Radu - Fotolia.comA non-profit management guru, Peter Drucker defined effectiveness as doing the right things. Spending valuable time doing the wrong things makes no sense. Unfortunately many people operate their lives this way. Becoming more effective takes work but is a valuable concept to grasp.

The first step to becoming more effective is taking time each day to plan. Planning is simply predetermining a course of action. It is not complicated, nor should it be a time-waster. In fact taking one percent of the day to plan the other ninety-nine percent will make a big difference in your effectiveness.  Common excuses for not planning are being too busy, limiting freedom and procrastination.

A few guidelines for effective daily planning include reviewing values, goals and setting specific daily tasks. Evaluate the time it takes to complete the task. If the task is not a high priority but the time required is high, it may need to be eliminated.

Prioritize your tasks determining the appropriate value and order of events. When possible, work on the most prominent item first.

When serious about being more effective, take personal responsibility. Pay attention to detail. Take a step each day working on becoming better and practicing self-discipline. For any type growth either personal or professional, there will be a price tag. Becoming more effective does not necessarily cost money but demands time focusing on the right things.


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