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Denial: A Leader’s Nightmare

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If leaders live long enough, most will succumb to denial. Denial can show itself in these three circumstances.


  1. When it becomes apparent that the leader has made a bad hire. Good leaders give people plenty of time to learn a new job but do not hang on to someone who is obviously not right for the position.
  2. There are “chinks” in the armor of the leaders in charge. At first they are ignored. Later they are excused. On the surface everything seems fine but then it becomes clear that the leader is not the real thing. Face reality for your own good and the good of the organization.
  3. The leader is over his head. A high character leader would never continue to collect a paycheck knowing that the job is bigger than he can handle. Denial will cause justification.

A good example of leadership denial with horrific consequences was Adolf Hitler. He surrounded himself with an entourage of people who were in denial and told him what he wanted to hear. The result was devastation for millions.

Denial can get to every leader so surround yourself with people who speak honestly into your life. Have high integrity and be accountable.



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