Avoid Death Magnets Part 4

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Here are more common death magnets in the church today:

7.  Monkey See What Gorilla Do

It happens all the time. Smaller church (monkey) learns something about new bigger church (gorilla) is doing and… We all know the rest of the story. I am all about learning, improving, and growing, but be careful about copying a “program” that you see the big church doing. It has been a death magnet for many churches.

8.  No Clear Vision

If a church lacks clarity about its vision it is heading straight into a death magnet. Do not go another day without getting with God and hearing from Him. It is disastrous not to have a vision from God. Once you understand the vision, go to great lengths to communicate simply and often.

9.  We Are Good Enough to Pull This Off

A little reality—no you are not! Neither you nor I can do anything of spiritual significance without the power of God. Thinking you are good enough is a death magnet. I learned years ago my very best is not good enough. Through prayer we receive God’s power to accomplish great things for His glory.


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