Avoiding Death Magnets Part 1

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“Death Magnet” is a term coined by Jim Jones, a former M60 tank company commander. Jones noticed in training of other tank commanders that many would take their tanks through the easier terrain although it led to many tanks being “killed.” He called these areas “death magnets.”

Tanks have great difficulty moving quickly through mountainous or wooded terrain and they can be stopped by ravines, canyons, and canals. Thus, tank commanders are inclined to travel through plains and valleys. Knowing this the enemy can use the terrain to funnel the opposing force into kill zones or “death magnets.” The take away is the easy way is usually mined. The easy way is a death magnet too. In a similar way, there are death magnets in churches. The traditional habits and patterns of thinking continue to bring the church into serious ineffectiveness. In the next few weeks we will be talking about some of the most common death magnets.


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