Avoiding Death Magnets Part 2

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Some of the most common death magnets in churches today:


  1. Lack of Relevance

Is your church out of touch with the culture in its community? Ask yourself, “If our church were to disappear tomorrow, would it really matter as far as a kingdom impact?” Leading your church by looking through the rear view mirror becomes a death magnet.

  1. Our Church is Not Any Worse than the others in Our City.

When the standard is not excellence and effectiveness, but rather mediocrity, you are headed down a dangerous path. Have a God-sized vision for your church.

  1. The Budget is King

Is this the scenario in your church? An opportunity presents itself and there is cost involved that is not in the budget. The potential is tremendous, yet when you try to acquire additional funds you are turned down with the mantra, “We don’t have it in the budget.” Welcome to the “Budget is King” death magnet. In reality the budget is seldom the real problem. Budget is king is a symptom of lack of leadership, poor communication, and lack of trust.

More in Part 3!


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