Avoiding Death Magnets Part 3

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Here are more common death magnets in the church today:

4.  The Kiss of Yes

Most churches operate with a “the more activities we have the more successful we are” mind-set. This is the “Kiss of Yes” death magnet. Church busyness is no doubt one of the greatest hindrances to healthy church growth. Unfortunately I have had pastors tell me we are too busy to do evangelism.

5.  Gravitating Toward the Insiders

Every organization gravitates toward the insiders, especially the church. It is definitely a death magnet. The leadership of the church must resist the gravitation pull from the death magnet and turn toward the outsider. They must ask the hard questions such as, “How is this activity helping us reach lost people for Christ?”

6.  We Have to Work all the Time

Most church staffs function in burn-out mode and live an unsustainable life. It is because we equate busyness with effectiveness. People in the church will let you work yourselves to death and applaud you for it. Many pastors convince themselves they are a hero for working so long and hard.

More in Part 4!


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