Conflict Resolution

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Twelve Steps of Conflict Resolution


  1. Learn to embrace and resolve conflict; not by flight or fight. (I get to)


  1. Speak the truth in love.  (Velvet brick)


  1. Seek to understand the other person’s point of view.


  1. Assume the best in other people. (Be careful with vain imaginations)


  1. Seek common ground.


  1. Handle the conflict personally. Go directly to person involved and never reprimand someone publicly.


  1. Attack the problem, not the person.


  1. Deal with specific areas, not generalizations.


  1. Make expectations clear.


  1. Maintain direct communication.


  1. Listen and do not respond defensively. (This is when someone comes to you with an issue with you)


  1. Be gentle. People are fragile.


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