Creating Margin

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There is a book called Creating Margin by Richard A. Swenson that is very insightful on how we can improve the quality of living. Without margin, we do not have sustainability. This leads to burnout and even depression.

Most people need addition margin in their life. Margin is the space between overload and limits; the reserves.


What are the symptoms of overload? Overload is a state of chronic overage that leads to dysfunction in at least one area of your life. Common symptoms of overload are apathy, withdrawal, depression, work dread, irritability, anger, frustration, and mistakes.

Create margin in your life in a healthy and sustainable way.  Be intentional by controlling your schedule. Accept and respect limits. We all need boundaries and must learn to say “no.” Rest, observe a Sabbath, learn to disconnect; no cell phones, email or internet, and simplify your life. Without margin we are heading for a train wreck and it will not be easy to recover.


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