Creative Leaders

© macrovector - Fotolia.comHarvard performed a six year study on creative people. One of the key facts they learned was that creative people do what is called “association.” Associating ideas from one field of study to another is what I have referred to for years as “cross appropriating.” Taking ideas, concepts and practices from other industries and using them in the church world is an effective way of ministry.

Creative leaders think outside the box. They are tenacious when it comes to solving problems and relentless in making improvements. The church could use more God-called creative leaders. For the most part, the church is the definition of “box.” It is sad to see churches operate with 1950’s methods. Please do not confuse creativity with watering down the Gospel. Creative leaders are very effective in reaching people with the Gospel.

Here are a few services Life Catalyst provides that fit the “cross appropriate” approach:

  • E! Guest Services
  • Discovery Session
  • Bridge the GAP Workshop
  • Team Leadership Development System
  • Personal Leadership Development System
  • Building a Winning Staff Team Workshop

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