Declaration of Personal Responsibility

© Andrea Izzotti -

When will it end? How much longer can our country remain great if we do not stop the craziness? What I am referring to is the thought “government owes me success.” Our country is on the verge of bankruptcy because of this ideology. What can you and I do about this dilemma? Let’s begin with taking personal responsibility for our own lives. Process these statements:



  • I currently possess everything I have truly wanted and deserve.
  • My possessions, my savings and my lifestyle are an exact mirror of me, my efforts and my contributions to society.
  • What I sow is what I reap.
  • If I am unhappy with what I have received, it is because as of yet, I have not paid the required price.
  • I have full responsibility for the best use of my time.
  • I accept full responsibility for both the success and failures in my life.
  • I will no longer choose to compromise with my undeveloped potential.

Join me in making a “Declaration” of Personal Responsibility. Yes, it can be scary but remember, you have God on your side. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13 Let’s start a new revolution!


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