Don’t Do It

People who mean no harm do this all the time, but I am pleading with you, “Don’t do it!” Don’t promise something you are not certain you can deliver.

Over the last five years, I can think of several people who have overpromised but under delivered. They are good people, but have lost credibility with me. It is very difficult to lead if the people you work with cannot count on you to do what you say. By the way, this goes for your family too.

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Here is an example of how I blew this with my son Jake. People who know me well can tell you that I have been a New Orleans Saints fan since 1968.  I attended my first game when I was in the fourth grade with our school football team. If you know the Saints history, they have been more laughable than winners.

Because I am a Saints fan, my son became a fan. Even when he was young, I told him when the Saints go to the Super Bowl, we would go. Well, in the 2009 season, the Saints finally made it. My son and I did not attend the Super Bowl that year. I had just started my own consulting firm and did not have an extra five thousand dollars for the trip. Jake was totally cool about it but I could tell he was disappointed. His disappointment was not from missing the game; this was the first time his Dad did not keep his promise. So “Don’t do it!”


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