Scotty Sanders has literally been the catalyst for change in the lives of thousands. From his award-winning entrepreneurial beginnings through his 20+ year career in ministry and corporate leadership, Scotty’s unquenchable spirit and contagious passion for seeing others live their best have won him the nickname of “The Life Catalyst.” And he shows no signs of letting up!


“Scotty came out and spoke to a group of our BPA High School students. He was a successful motivator with the students and left a lasting impression on them. Scotty challenges each student to be their best, in a thoughtful, creative and caring manner. He is engaging and keeps the students attention while delivering his message. A great public speaker and a fantastic message always makes for a successful event. Thanks Scotty.”

Mark Hapka
Senior Account Executive Dallas Mavericks


“I have invited Scotty Sanders to speak to our staff on multiple occasions, covering such topics as leadership, personal integrity, and delegation. An excellent communicator and public speaker, Scotty Sanders is held in highest regard by our employees. Recent surveys from our staff reflect the quality of his presentations. One staff member comments, “I always enjoy Mr. Sanders. I look forward to hearing him speak each time I come,” while another staff member states, “I love anything that Scotty Sanders presents!”


Mr. Sanders is highly organized and always arrives prepared, yet he is also flexible and can adapt his presentation if the situation dictates. As a speaker, Mr. Sanders is engaging and energetic, and his topics are relevant and applicable. Personally, I have come to regard Scotty as a man of high integrity, who does what he says. I appreciate his character as much as I do the content that he teaches. I would highly recommend Scotty Sanders as a keynote speaker for any organization.”

Chuck Cook
CEO, Responsive Education Solutions


“Scotty’s insight and knowledge of leadership amaze me.”

Dr. David Uth
Senior Pastor of FBC Orlando, FL


“Scotty Sanders is simply one of the finest leaders in America today. He has that rare combination of integrity, creativity, sensitivity, and an incredible mind for organization and leadership.”

Dr. John Avant
Senior Pastor, First West, West Monroe, Louisiana
Former VP of North American Mission Board


“Scotty Sanders has one of the brightest minds on leadership of anyone I have ever worked with. Scotty is an excellent communicator, effective speaker, and his passion for developing the next generation of leaders is unparalleled. ”

Brad Lanham
President/CEO, BGS Pharmacy Partners


“Scotty has provided leadership and guidance to me over the past several years and been instrumental in our company’s success. He partnered with me personally and connected with our team, helping us reach higher levels of excellence. I highly recommend Scotty for any company looking to inspire staff, maximize opportunities and grow their sales.”

Reagan Hillier
President, Worlds of Wow


“Scotty’s passion is contagious. People need to hear his powerful message, it is a game changer.”

Milli Brown
Publisher, Brown Christian Press


“Scotty’s background in leadership encompasses a successful business career and a successful faith-based career, a combination that’s hard to beat. In fact, impossible to beat. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to mix these important characteristics!”

Frank Hoffmann
Louisiana State Representative


“Scotty Sanders has the ability to connect with his audience. He is a very dynamic speaker and well known for his leadership ability. His keynote “If Only…” is entertaining yet extremely profound. I would highly recommend him for your next event; you will not be disappointed.”

Brad Warden
President Skyrider Communications


I have known Scotty for about 2 years. In that short period of time, Scotty has influenced me greatly. He has a knack for moving people to action. I have heard it said that knowledge without execution is hallucination. There is none better than Scotty Sanders when it come to executing. It is the reason Scotty is such a great leader and influencer. People want to follow people who get things done. Scotty’s leadership skills, coupled with his ability to communicate with both large and small audiences, makes him invaluable as a keynote speaker or as a consultant for any event.

Keith Rushing
Created For Excellence LLC


Scotty Sanders was a well spoken and well rounded motivational speaker that not only spoke to my heart but challenged my life. The material that he presented, “The Eight Keys to Success” was not only relevant but practical. I love the fact that he fused his real life experiences with the eight steps; it made the material genuine and achievable. I am a visible learner and I like the way he connected with the audience by providing an interactive handout. The best feature however, to his presentation was his contagious passion for instilling passion and purpose to his audience. I left the seminar refreshed and challenged on several different levels and areas of my life: as a teacher, parent and  as a person. I thoroughly enjoyed his seminar and hope to bear the fruit of its results soon!

Patrick Winfield


I thought Scotty did a great job.  I really loved his use of quotes to illustrate his point.  I found them all very meaningful, inspiring, and relevant to my daily life.  I also loved how he allowed us to participate in the lecture as if it were a conversation.  Allowing the teachers to share about ourselves and our lives kept me interested.

 Ms. Leven


I loved how organized and structured Scotty’s program was.   He backed up each of the 8 successful habits with a story that kept me interested the entire time. Not only did his program motivate me to improve my work as a teacher, but he inspired me to write down all of my goals (personally and professionally), in which I immediately went home to share and discuss them with my wife. His class was captivating as well. I loved that the printouts were in color and that he incorporated technology.

Jared Leiman


Scotty Sanders is one of the brightest leaders in America.  It has truly been a pleasure to work with Scotty and learn from him. Whether overcoming obstacles, visioning, planning for the future, or handling daily organizational challenges Scotty’s leadership provides motivation toward reaching your highest potential and finding success.  His integrity is never questioned.  His creativity is off the chart.  His ability to help others reach their maximum potential is inspiring.  Scotty will always be a coach for me in all areas of life.

Blake Wheelis
State Farm Agent




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