First Look in the Mirror


Before assuming someone else is the problem in a situation, a good leader will look in the mirror and ask, “How can I lead this person better”? Over the years, I have observed individuals who may be doing an excellent job but change their leader and performance drops.

What are the signs people display when a weak leader is in charge?

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  1. People are no longer taking the initiative. (Not empowered, feel micro-managed)
  2. People seem demotivated. (Attitude issues, and seem discouraged)
  3. People keep a low profile. (Fear of making a mistake because the leader does not have their back)
  4. Productivity has dropped considerably. (Hard to follow a weak leader)


This week I ran into a friend who had recently gone to work for another church. A few months before, he seemed like a beaten down individual. This time, he was back to his old self; excited and upbeat. I asked him how things were going and he said, “I feel like a man again.” He went on to say, “I can do my job without being micro-managed by a weak leader.”

If you are a leader and you have a direct report who is not performing at a high level, first—look at yourself in the mirror and ask:

  • How can I encourage and empower this person?
  • What training might the person need?
  • Does this person need a resource or decision from me?
  • Do I need to make something right with this person?

Lead well, my friends!


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