Great Expectations

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Is there anything wrong with having great expectations in life?

Not long ago I was consulting with a Christian radio station that had a few challenges. Over dinner, I asked the general manager of the station what his expectation was of my assistance for the station. His answer surprised me. He said, “I have no expectations.” My response was, “You have no expectations at all?” His rationale is with no expectations he would never be disappointed. I guess that would be true, but my belief is that limits the possibilities.


Former NFL coach and broadcaster John Madden claimed he never coached a game he did not expect to win. He also said it made losing more painful because it was unexpected. So there are two schools of thought:

  1. No expectations.
  2. Expect good things.

Yes, it may be true if one expects nothing one will not be disappointed. However, I have found in expecting great things often great things happen. As a leader I have experienced both disappointment and failure. Great expectations have pushed me and the ones who follow to imagine the possibilities; therefore, we have seen incredible things. So put me in the camp of “Great Expectations.”


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