Quest to be the best III

questAre your priorities in the right order?

Going on a quest for the best is a very good thing. In the book Quest of the Keys, Decklen had to learn the importance of prioritizing. Several times on his quest he was faced with making tough choices. Decklen was successful in navigating those choices because he had mastered the principle of prioritizing.

Each of us has the same amount of time in life; it is what is done with that time that makes the difference in having a better life. Prioritizing is doing the most important thing first.

Many people give lip service to what they say is valuable to them. But the reality is where one spends their time and money is usually most important. Let me suggest scheduling your priorities. Begin blocking off time on your daily calendar for the things that are most important. If your family is important, then schedule time with them.

Here is a simple process:

  • Evaluate: Is this the best thing?

  • Delegate: What can come off my plate?

  • Estimate: How much time is required?

Work on comprehending this process. Learn the importance of prioritizing. Successful people live by their prioritizing, not by pressure.



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