Quest to be your best IV

Reaching your potential

The best life is possible for everyone. The best life is not necessarily being wealthy or famous. A better life is more about reaching your potential.


In the book Quest of the Keys, the hero, Decklen, was observing a group of new recruits at a military training camp. Cecadian, the leader of the camp asked him this question, “What do you see?” Decklen did not understand the question, so Cecadian responded. “I see potential.”

Each one of us has tremendous potential if we pay the required price. Maybe it is to be in better physical shape. What can be done to make that happen? What about committing to exercise several days a week or to adjust eating habits? Who is in control of these? Your potential lies in your hands.


A few tips to reach your potential:

  • Do not try to be someone else

  • Be a life-long learner

  • Play to your strengths

  • Make discipline your friend

  • Take the quest to be your best

Unlimited potential is in your hands. Begin your quest today.



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