Seven Signs Your Church Is In Trouble (Part 1)


None of us like to think our church could be in trouble but sometimes we have to face the facts. Statistics point out somewhere between 85-90% of churches in America are in a plateau or declining in attendance. That is definitely a problem!


Declining attendance is not the only sign unhealthy church. Here are seven signs be on the lookout for:






1. Your church is having few or no new guests.
Every week you should be measuring how many new guests are visiting your church. This is a metric that few churches pay attention to, although it is one of the most important. I am yet to see a healthy church with few guests.
(Life Catalyst Resources available: ONE Focus Initiative, E! Guest Services System)


2. Morale is low among paid staff and key leaders.
The culture, environment, and atmosphere of your church will have a direct impact on its health. When your team feels demoralized they will not do excellent work and are much less likely to invite the unchurched.
(Life Catalyst Resources available: Winning Teams System)


3. As pastor, you feel like you can never be away or take vacation.
If the functioning of the church is wholly dependent on you and your presence, it will never grow further than what you can manage/lead. You must have a very effective leadership development and volunteer recruitment process.
(Life Catalyst Resources available: The X-Factor- Volunteer System)


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