Seven Signs Your Church Is In Trouble Part 2



None of us like to think our church could be in trouble but sometimes we have to face the facts. Statistics point out somewhere between 85-90% of churches in America are in a plateau or declining in attendance. That is definitely a problem!

Declining attendance is not the only sign unhealthy church. Here are seven signs be on the lookout for:






4. You are losing more people out the back door than you are gaining in the front door.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to determine if you are consistently losing more numbers than you are adding you will eventually die as a church.
(Life Catalyst Resource available: The New Member Experience System)

5. The church lacks clarity in its vision and objectives.
This is a bit more insidious but still critical sign of trouble. It is very important that church staff and leaders are clear on what the church is trying to accomplish. It is not enough to simply “do your job.” Everyone needs to know the vision, the strategy for getting there, and how they fit in with it all.
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6. Your church is constantly in a “tyranny of the urgency” mode.
High stress among staff and leaders cause work to be done half-heartedly or not with the excellence expected. This happens when the church focuses on “busyness” rather than effectiveness. The church lacks strategic systems to allow a sustainability pace.
(Life Catalyst Resource available: The Network)

7. The pastor has lost his passion.

A loss of passion can be attributed to any number of things but is usually the result of the combined toll of many of the signs already mentioned.
(Resource available: The Life Catalyst Leadership System)

Life Catalyst provides the needed resources to help you navigate in any of these trouble areas. You do not have to go through it alone. We are here to assist you and your church to help reach God’s Anointed Potential.

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