The 3×5 Plan- Part 3: The Research

3x5 plan

The Power of Three


A phrase I have heard through leadership circles for the last several years is the “Power of Three.” Research proves that our mind can handle three thoughts very well, but when adding a fourth it causes confusion and procrastination occurs.

Research also shows how significant it is to write plans/goals down on paper. If you have doubts, look at the Harvard study which was conducted several years ago. Here is the short version:

The Harvard MBA graduates who had goals/plans but did not write them down had an income of twice as much as the MBA’s that did not have any goals. The MBA graduates who had goals/plans that were written down had an income of 10 times greater than those of the classmates that did not have goals/plans.

Only 3% of the Harvard MBA students had goals and wrote them down and their income was 10 times higher than the others.


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